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R195 Series-Flowmeter Regulator

R195 Series-Flowmeter Regulator


Flowmeter & Flowgauge Regulators

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    • Commodity name: R195 Series-Flowmeter Regulator
    • Commodity ID: 1140939537463791616
    • Single-stage construction
    • Combination of regulator and flowmeter as one compact unit

    • Body machined from class “A”brass
    • Sintered bronze inlet filter
    • Polycarbonate flow tube and hood are impact resistant for maximum durability and service life  

    • The upper cover is made of high strength zinc alloy with chrome plating on the surface

    • Suitable for industrial manufacturing, laboratory, MIG/TIG gas shielded welding and other applications
    • The output pressure is set at 0.35mpa
    • 2” Gauges, AMFLO s 195FM Flowmeter
    • Three-year warranty
    • Dimensions: 160mmx180mmx85mm
    • Weight: 1.33kg


  • R195系列流量计式减压器